Ecuadorian cacao embarks on “The Chocolate Train”

Ecuadorian cacao will be present in the third edition of “The Chocolate Train,” an event which will take place in France this year as part of Easter, the Ecuadorian Embassy in France informed.

Starting March 14 until March 22, “The Chocolate Train” will travel around the main French stations so that people to learn about the process to make this product, its varieties and the materials used since the pre-Columbian period until its industrial manufacture in the XIX century.

As part of the project, funded by the French food group Salpa in coordination with the Embassy and Pro Ecuador in France, the South American country will have two train wagons where visitors could observe the different manufacture cycles and taste it.

A small museum will be implemented in one of the wagons where Aztec objects used for chocolate making will be exhibited as well as the cacao transition from plantations to the product manufacture.

During the exhibit, people will be able to know more about cacao producer countries, its different varieties, flavors, materials and machines used for the transformation of cacao beans into sweets.

In the event, the well-known French chocolate maker Yves Thuriés, will reveal some of his secrets for chocolate making.

The Ecuadorian cacao, in chocolate making, has been recognized worldwide because of its taste and aroma. The Ecuadorian company, Pacari, which produces premium chocolate, won 14 prizes in the International Chocolate Awards.

Ecuador is one of the premium cacao producers of the type “fine aroma” and it is the fifth largest producer and the main producer in the world. This activity generates 600,000 jobs in the country and ranks fourth in the largest non-oil exports, preceded by banana, shrimp and flowers.

Fuente: Agencia ANDES.

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