Technical Service


One of the key services provided by the National Association of Cocoa Exporters - ANECACAO is training producers, where updated technical criteria to develop a highly productive and environment friendly crop taught.

The programs are aimed at our partners and all those who request it at any cocoa region of Ecuador.

To do this, ANECACAO has a group of top professionals, highly trained in handling and crop development, willing to share their knowledge of the gold nugget.

Lectures, workshops, seminars and observation tours are part of the training techniques used by technicians strengthen ANECACAO to combine knowledge and experiences.

Technical Assistance

The service center to lower costs which has ANECACAO for cocoa producers and involved in the sector throughout the country, comprising the comprehensive and efficient monitoring with specialized personnel to meet the real needs of producers .

Our technical team is responsible for bringing technology to every corner of our country and outside its borders, within which includes the following processes:

- Building Diagnostics.
- Development and formulation of projects for funding.
- Providing advice on the implementation of good agricultural practices.
- Sale of planting material (budwood) for propagation.

Areas of influence ANECACAO

More than 14 years working as a team responsible for training programs, support for research and dissemination of technical information to improve the productivity and quality of cocoa, make ANECACAO has a presence in the various producing areas of our country.

Implementing coherent strategies to consolidate the growth of the cocoa sector provinces like Guayas, Manabi, Los Rios and Santa Elena, among others, they are faithful witnesses of our technical achievements.