Mission and Vision


Assist the whole agro-industrial y commercial chain of the Ecuadorian Cocoa, its semi-finished products and chocolates in the aim to maintain the tradition and leading position within the international market, through the corporate representativeness of its members ahead of the governmental and private institutions, and through an individualized assistance to promote its development within a framework of social responsibility and environmental protection.

We exist with objective to support the development of the country´s export sector, as well to maintain both the tradition and quality of our cocoa ARRIBA on the international markets.


We want to become a global well-recognized institution that benefits the exporter and the producer of cocoa, committed to the development of the cocoa quality by means of the positive interaction existing between our member companies, the committee as well as competent and motivated employees.


  • Group, organize and suport the exporters of cocoa through an organization capable of participating actively in the different studies and resolutions of this domain.
  • Improve the production, the productivity and the quality of the Ecuadorian cocoa.
  • Develop policies at short and long term that will allow to improve the quality of life of the cocoa Producer.
  • Direct the efforts with the objective of better managing the phase post-harvest of cocoa: Fermentation and optimal drying in order to produce an even more qualitative cocoa.
  • Restore in Ecuador the prestige of the producers of fine flavour cocoa.