About Us

The National Association of Ecuador’s Cocoa Exporters and Industrials – ANECACAO, is a non-profit organization with a legal status whose role is to watch over the country’s cocoa sector prosperity and growth both in terms of production and exportation.
The association intends itself to exporters, however it is important to put forward the permanent work achieved by the production sector, key actor within the supply chain.
Technical support, technology transfer, clonal gardens for the supply of guaranteed vegetative material, regional workshops, projects of tree trimming, forecasts of cocoa harvest, real-time markets information of New York and London Stock Exchange, export statistics, trainers’ trainings, post-harvest management, plantation maintaining, actions which benefit and stimulate the Ecuadorian cocoa culture.

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Exporters of cocoa beans and its by-products in Ecuador, who have expressed their desire to be admitted as member of this prestigious institutional entity.
ANECACAO federates, organizes, supports and represents the country’s cocoa exporters. Making sure that the government, authorities and the country recognizes ANECACAO as an organization qualified and able particularly in every study, project and resolution concerning cocoa production and exportation activities.
We intend to develop strategies at short, medium and long term. Focus resources to improve the post-harvest stage of cocoa; optimum fermentation and drying.

Our aim is to put emphasis on the country’s stature as a producer and exporter of the ARRIBA Cocoa within the international markets.



1)A year in export activity.

2)A minimum of 500 metric tons exported cocoa beans or cocoa processed products.

3)Five letters of sponsorship by active members of ANECACAO.

4)An admission letter expressing interest to belong to the Association.

5)Payment of monthly fees.