The World Cocoa Summit

La Cumbre Mundial de Cacao, organizada por ANECACAO, APROCAFA y EXPOPLAZA, luego de grandes éxitos y de objetivos profesionales alcanzados en las ediciones anteriores se llevará a cabo del 20 al 23 de Mayo en el Centro de Convenciones de Guayaquil.

Información y Ventas:
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The World Cocoa Summit is the most important commercial/technical event within the industry of Fine Flavor Arriba Cocoa, with international recognition for innovation, scientific and commercial researches.

A sweet encounter that generates great business deals.

Focused on accomplishing the success of every-year Summit, the III World Cocoa Summit will be held from August 31st to September 2nd of 2015 in the Conventions Center of Guayaquil.

The aim of the event is to support the scientific and commercial development of cocoa, locally and worldwide.

The event will gather organizations and companies involved in the sector to handle topics such as production, marketing, among others.


Scientific - Technical Congress

More than twenty conferences about researches and advances of the sector: nutrition, diseases, genetics, physiology, social dimension, environment, quality, culture and government; all presented by local and foreign experts targeted to professionals of the sector such as engineers, CEOs and directors of companies or organizations, producers, researchers, consultants, exporters, also students and all the people involved in the cocoa sector. It will also have present a forum to talk about the problems in the cocoa crops.

Commercial Exhibition

The World Cocoa Summit is the pioneer event within the cocoa industry, the platform that gathers the companies of the sector, generating real commercial opportunities of short, medium and long term.

Field Day

All the technical congress attendees will have the possibility to register and participate in our field trip, with no additional cost, to visit an exclusive cocoa plantation as a practical way to learn about what has been taught on the previous conferences.

Business Roundtable

This year we have the recognized Business Roundtable "Aromas of Ecuador", organized by ProEcuador.

The World Cocoa Summit becomes the convenient event for the negotiations and meetings for the big entrepreneurs of cocoa and its by-products, chocolate and also coffee makers.

Tasting contest

During the commercial exhibition, the producers will be able to present their best cocoa National and CCN51 varieties.


In addition, there will be a tasting contest of chocolate and cocoa liquor.

This event will count with a highly trained and skilled local jury.